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Browne Labor Law is a California Severance Agreement Law Firm that negotiates for employees who have already been offered a severance agreement, settlement agreement, separation agreement, or release agreement by their companies in exchange for a general release of all claims. The law firm also advocates for employees who have not yet been offered severance pay, separation pay, exit pay or settlement pay from their companies. Severance agreements are sometimes offered to employees who currently work for the company. In those particular situations, the employee and the company often decide that it is in the best interests of both parties for the employee to stop working for the company. In exchange for a general release of all claims, the employer will typically offer the employee compensation–the document that usually flows out of this arrangement is called a Confidential Settlement Agreement, Confidential Separation Agreement, or Confidential Severance Agreement. There are typically time limits and deadlines associated with signing and accepting employment separation agreements. Deadlines to sign and accept can range anywhere from no time, three (3) days, seven (7) days, ten (10) days, fourteen (14) days, twenty-one (21) days, or even longer. Browne Labor Law’s lawyers negotiate for employees who have either been offered a severance agreement, or who are seeking separation pay as a condition of leaving their current company. Browne Labor Law is  a California severance agreement law firm that reviews severance packages for employees who have quit or who have been terminated. The law firm is often able to extend severance package time limits or deadlines for employees.

A California Severance Agreement Law Firm that fights for employees but also understands the motivations of companies

Similar to other California severance agreement law firms, Browne Labor Law’s attorneys understand that companies are typically not required to offer severance packages to their employees. However, many companies realize that offering an employment settlement agreement and general release of all claims is the best outcome for the employer and employee. From the company’s perspective, severance agreements can limit the employer’s legal liability. From an employee’s perspective who is at the end of the road with the company and thinking about quitting his or her job, an employment settlement agreement is often the best way to smoothly transition away from an unpleasant, unhappy or even illegal work situation. While Browne Labor Law is a California severance agreement law firm that advocates for employees, its founder’s previous law firm represented both employees and employers. That experience has allowed the law firm to better understand the motivations of companies related to severance agreements.

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A California Severance Agreement Law Firm representing all types of employees

Browne Labor Law’s attorneys negotiate severance packages for all types and levels of employees, including Managers, Directors, Executives, Presidents, and Vice Presidents. The law firm negotiates separation agreements irrespective of the employee’s pay or tenure with the company. Sometimes an employee is unhappy with their work situation, boss, supervisor or employer, and the employer may be willing to pay the employee in order to separate the employee/employer relationship. Other times an employee may be on a company approved leave of absence but unable to return to work. Browne Labor Law’s lawyers help employees explore whether such a separation from employment is possible and if so, negotiate on their behalf. The attorneys also help employees negotiate COBRA health insurance benefits, vested retirement benefits, unemployment benefits or unemployment compensation, and employment references.

A California Severance Agreement Law Firm helping employees understand each clause and provision of their separation agreement from work

Severance agreements often contain confusing provisions and clauses. Sometimes companies attempt to include illegal severance agreement provisions, or clauses that are otherwise detrimental to the employee. Browne Labor Law’s lawyers help employees better understand severance agreement clauses including employment settlement agreements that contain any of the following: no waiver clause, taxes clause, governing law provision, voluntary agreement provision, cooperation clause, not construed against any party provision, plain meaning clause, integration clause, severability clause, transfer or assignment of claims provision, reliance clause, arbitration of disputes provision, confidentiality and non-disparagement clause, released claims provision, definition of claims clause, mutual and general release provision, Section 1542 and Section 1541 waivers, pending or future claims clause, effective date provision, monetary or valuable consideration clause, non-admission clause,  insurance and benefits participation clause, not to sue provision, an acknowledgements clause, or a consequences of breach provision. Browne Labor Law is a California severance agreement law firm that attempts to be the best resource that it can be for its clients. As such, its lawyers explain the consequences of each settlement agreement provision to clients.

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